Hello There! I’m Manisha :) 

I’m a London-based International Makeup Artist and Multipreneur.

And your Instagram Growth Strategist! 


Utilising the amazing business analytics, colossal user base, and 87% conversion rate that Instagram boasts, I’ve had the luxury of:

  • Quickly moving from guest makeup artist to high-end bridal bookings £1000+


  • Be involved in fabulous and amazing destination weddings all over the world, including Thailand, Jaipur, and Europe.


  • Offer quality products and high-touch services outside of the bridal season such as my own beauty eCommerce store.


  • Creating influence by monetising my audience by recommending products and working with brands


  • I have hardly ever paid for advertising, photoshoots, purchasing followers (a major no-no!) or shoutouts. 


I am so proud of what I’ve accomplished through Instagram...but I will never forget how I started.


The truth is...up until just a few years ago, THIS was my bio: 


Hi there. My name is Manisha and I have 0 instagram followers and 0 engagement. 


Do you know how long it took me to get where I am now? 



Not months. 

Not weeks. 


6 Years to get to THIS: 

  • A collective 50K followers on Instagram ALONE (without paying for ads or purchasing followers)

  • Quality clients that consistently pay my rates without hesitation 

  • Owner of the Facebook group Beauty Business Owners which boasts 1200 members and helps Beauty Business Owners feel supported and heard

  • Not one, but TWO profitable online stores that use Instagram as the main traffic source 

  • An audience I’ve monetised in multiple ways whilst also building a personal brand 


Think of all the changes Instagram has gone through in 6 years! That includes keeping up with the constantly changing algorithm, addition of stories, reels, IGTV - all of the updates.

 But, I promise you, you won’t have to wait that long!